Episode 6 – A Cub episode

Welcome to Episode 6 of Flock & Awe

The bear is back and so is Cub, but Marc has issues with a toaster :O (ask him on Twitter) and Kev is……..Kev!

We also have over a 1000% MORE cub in this episode than any other..

A big catchup episode this were talk about many things from Dark Elves (yes we know we are a little behind) to cute Primarchs! We even have a chat about primers and what they can do for you.

We round out with the idea of trying out some of the different coloured primers people use..


Baby (chibi) Primarch – LINK

Goblin Wanderer – LINK

Puppet Wars Rip it up – LINK

 Wild West Exodus shiny – LINK

Direct Download

How can you contact us


Any reviews/comments are welcome as we strive to be the best wargaming podcast for you the listeners.


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