Episode 7 – The Christmas (sort of) Episode

Welcome to Episode 7 of Flock & Awe

It is Christmas time people!!

We are all festive at F&A towers and as such here is our first Christmas show although after this one we may be barred from any more….

Especially if our present to you is a Rum Filled American 😉

In other news we are getting closer to being on time with these things…New year, new start and all that!

1) Anyway we pick on Kev

2) Kev talks about London Masters

3) Kev talks some more and some more

4) Common Ground Games helps Marc get his Faux on

5) Bear treats us all to some poetry

6) We get all Christmasy and ask Santa for some presents (Kev needed a step-ladder to get onto his knee)

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Any reviews/comments are welcome as we strive to be the best wargaming podcast for you the listeners.


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