About Us

Welcome to a Wargaming podcast site, that will talk about nearly everything some of it even interesting..

The hosts of this podcast are;

Kev B – Bio FILL IN

Marc M – Bio FILL IN

Dave (docbungle) – I have been doing this hobby for longer than I care to mention (nearly 20 years) and I have Gamer ADD as in the past I have tried most of the games out there :). Obviously I play the big games out there but I am also partial to some of the more unique ones as well (Freebooters Fate for instance). I run a little wargaming blog over at Miniature Musings of a Bear and has been going strong since 2010, I hope that I bring some interest to those that read it and even the odd bit of humour :).

Ryan – Bio FILL IN

I am also the (apparent) brains behind the #MiniatureMonday idea on twitter which has grown past all expectations.

Thanks for checking us out and I hope you also have a listen – Dave

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